• Brendan Henrique

    Brendan Henrique

    My research is explores critically conscious STEM education with special attention to computer science education.

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  • Cecelia (Yuqian) Liu

    Cecelia (Yuqian) Liu

    Hello! I am a fourth-year Data Science Major student at UC Berkeley.

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  • Collette Roberto

    Collette Roberto

    I study critical computational literacies and sociocultural dimensions of learning.

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  • Erin Foley

    Erin Foley

    Hello! I study ways to develop non-visual data literacy for students with sensory- and neurodiversities with a focus on blind and low vision learners.

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  • Helen Fitzmaurice

    Helen Fitzmaurice

    Helen is a postdoctoral scholar with the CoRE lab. She holds a PhD in Earth and Planetary Science and taught HS Physics and Chemistry.

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  • Jacob Barton

    Jacob Barton

    After leading outdoor education trips in Colorado and Alaska, Jake started as a science teacher, soccer coach, and director of sustainability at a high school in southwest Virginia. He is currently a Doctoral student at Berkeley.

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  • John Kim

    John Kim

    John Kim MS CCC-SLP, ATACP (he/him) is a doctoral student in the Joint Doctoral program at San Francisco State University (SFSU) & UC Berkeley in Special Education.

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  • Kyla Kemble

    Kyla Kemble

    Kyla is a 3rd year School Psychology Ph.D. student. Her research interests concern culturally responsive practices in mathematics classrooms and teacher implicit bias training.

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  • Michelle Hoda Wilkerson

    Michelle Hoda Wilkerson

    I study how young people learn to work with the texts of scientific computing: things like data visualizations or computer simulations.

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  • Zohal Shah

    Zohal Shah

    Zohal is a Ph.D. student in Learning Sciences and Human Development. Through a collaborative approach, she aspires to understand how youth develop critical data and digital literacies through social and civic online engagement.

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  • Amber Yada

    Amber Yada

  • Dr. Cherise McBride

    Dr. Cherise McBride

  • Dr. Emily Reigh

    Dr. Emily Reigh

  • Xinyu (Celia) Wei

    Xinyu (Celia) Wei